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Company Profile

Company Profile

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           Zhejiang Sanzhong Machine Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturing enterprise which mainly produces automobile air brake valves, hydraulic brake pumps, brake chambers, clutch boosters, brake adjusting arms, air dryers, shift boosters, trailer accessories, all kinds of springs, etc, realizing an annual productivity of 6,000,000 various automobile parts. The company (former Zhuji Sanzhong Brake Valve Co., Ltd.) has subsidiaries of Jiangxi Sanzhong Industrial Co., Ltd. and Shishou Sanzhong Automobile Part Plant. Its "Sanzhong" products have been awarded "Zhejiang Famous Trademark". The company has been awarded "AAA Credit Enterprise" over years. Its product quality is underwritten by China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. The company has passed the certification of TS16949 Quality Management System and provided matching products for a dozen of automobile manufacturing enterprises at home.


           The company features "Leading Science and Technology, Excellent Quality". At present, it has a dozen of patents including three ratio relay valves, three-axle fast exhaust synchronous relay valves, synchronous emergent relay valves, etc. It improves reliability, sensibility and comfortableness of automobiles, semi-dragging trucks and trailer braking. The company is at a leading position in the same industry.


           At present, the company has 10 125T-400T die casting machines and more than 300 pieces of turning, milling and grinding equipment, perfect inspection facilities and the capability of aluminum, zinc and iron casting, metal processing, surface treatment, assembling, test, etc.

           Quality Objective: Constant Improvement, Continuous Progress
           Business Philosophy: Be Creditable and Responsible, Create Famous Brands