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The pressure in the air brake system adjustment

The pressure in the air brake system adjustment

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2019/12/12 17:16

In the air brake, under normal circumstances, the braking pressure is:0.6-0.8Mpa.

Low pressure will decrease the braking force, thereby affecting the braking effect; the pressure is too high, will make the brake rude, tyre locking,causing sideslip flick, accident, may also make the brake line over the weight and burst, causing serious consequences. In the final analysis, the braking force and braking effect is not up to much to brake strength, and executed in the tire and the ground friction. Under normal circumstances, the 0.6-0.8Mpa braking pressure is sufficient.

However, if your vehicle pressure is too low or too high, but also need to find out why.

Brake pressure anomaly, what is the reason?

1, air compressor oil, or as a result of cylinder, piston ring wear large, intake and exhaust valve jammed and other reasons, resulting in air compressor working efficiency, insufficient supply, can not achieve the required air pressure.

2, improper pressure adjustment, do not go on the air pressure, the normal working pressure is 0.6-0.8Mpa. This mainly to have two kind of situations, one is ( including pressure regulating valve with a pressure regulating valve drier ) pressure setting too high or too low, it can be achieved by rotating the pressure regulating valve for regulating the regulating bolt on. Another kind of circumstance is, safety valve pressure setting too high or too low, the safety valve in a reservoir, is when the reservoir pressure is too high, emissions, protect the reservoir. Adjusting method is rotating the safety valve adjusting bolt. Adjustment well after going to see on the pressure gauge pressure is normal, remember!

In 3, foot brake pedal improperly adjusted, so that the foot brake pedal brake valve end, the valve to fully open, generating the air throttle,allowing air to pass through the brake pressure after the valve to reduce. In this case, difficult to handle, the first observation of pedal to the maximumor touch the driver floor bottom. If touch, indicates that problems in the pedal body elevation deficiency, brake valve without problems. If there is notouch, then replace the brake valve.

In 4, when the brake valve is closed, the valve core and the valve body between the sealing or blocked by dirt, the portion of the compressed airleaks, can hear the release" silk" air leakage. The causes of the situation are dirty, impurities in pipeline. In general, even step on a few the brake pedal, the compressed air impurities are washed away. If not, then to the brake valve repair. But remember! In the brake valve reload before, must first be pipe clean, otherwise, the same situation also appeared many times. Secondly, to air compressor repair.

Some friends, too pursuit of braking force, artificially increasing brake pressure, actually this is very dangerous practice. Brake pressure is too high,the brake system components are easily induced by burst. When driving, if the pipe burst, a braking effect is done not have, it would be very dangerous. In order to improve the braking force, there are some other way, is to raise the air pressure, is not an option.