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Air brake valve common problems

Air brake valve common problems

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2019/12/12 17:14

In actual use, air brake valve often appear flat. This is the issue of product quality, but in many cases is in the pipeline sediment, rust, oil and other impurities card on the valve caused by.

In the installation of new brake valve before, must use the high pressure gas pipeline impurities within the row of net. The specific method is to start the engine case, removal of the fault of the brake valve, and then use his feet to walk a few times brake valve, exhaust pipe. The initial findimpurity discharging, until no impurity discharge date.

If the pipeline in oil, in the exhaust, will waste oil and water discharge in an air cylinder. The specific measures are to open the drain valve excludedoil. And check whether there is oil leakage of air compressor.

To eliminate impurities, and then a new brake valve installed, leak check, check the brake effect how.

During use, found the brake valve leakage phenomenon. The repair method is commonly used, remove the brake valve, then open the valve, to observe the internal whether impurities into the. If the internal impurities, remove impurities, back in place ( if the grease will cast a little ). Leak check.This approach to just change soon new valve is more appropriate, if it has been in use for a long time products, better to replace.

In the assembly process, some repair work is not very professional, often pick the wrong of the export, causes the braking valve failure, but alsovery dangerous. Have before installation, be sure to carefully read the product description, after installation must check whether the problem.

Finally, I wish the majority of drivers friends may you be safe throughout the journey!